I've been having a problem with dog owners (of the inconsiderate calling card kind) and kids using the strip of grass between the sidewalk and street for less than friendly activities. I have to maintain it per the city. The closing paperwork shows a city and utility easement versus right of way. I work hard to maintain it in top condition which helps the area look nice and show pride of ownership of the property.

The city mgr says the following:

The strip of grass/land between the sidewalk and the street is part of the public right of way dedicated to the City of Mustang as the addition is planned and developed. In addition we require that area to be maintained under our ordinances. Public space is a necessary component to orderly community growth, and the police officer(s) were correct when they told you a trespass violation was not in committed. I understand your frustration with certain pet owners, but other than leash laws our ordinances do not currently govern this issue.
I don't quite understand how the use of the property by any Tom, Dick, or Harriet in the neighborhood walking a dog could or should have the right to use the area as their dog's toilet or how the city would or could see it (in a planned and platted community) as a public space component to orderly community growth. What growth? The strip is of little use to any other residents other than to use for their dogs and/or as a short cut to cross the street. Public parks and/or open space should be designated for that kind of use not what is included in a homeowners property by deed (still researching that one). There are sufficient sidewalks, ramps, and driveways available to avoid using the strip of grass for the purpose of a shortcut.

Any suggestions, thoughts, or advice??