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    Default Texas Cattle Fencing

    Just found this site, so I thought I would post my problem and get some possible input.

    I have a heard of registered cattle. We have apx 100 acres of ranch land here in north Texas. Apx 50 acres are leased, and have been since the 60's.

    A couple of years ago, some yahoo city slicker bought some land east of us, and proceeded to move a small herd of misc. cattle in. Probably to keep his ag exemption.

    He now has only 4 cows, with calves. No bull. ( I had the local Sheriff's Dept impound his bull because it tore down my fence 14 times. The last time the bull tore down a pipe gate while the Sheriff was present. Good timing. That bull went to heaven.

    Now, with no bull, the yahoo's cows are rubbing the fence and enticing my young registered bull to get out. He used to have a hotwire to keep his cattle off the fence. Now he refuses to put it back up. One of his cows jumped over, I chased her back, and my bull followed her.

    Now I am having to keep my bull penned up, to keep him home.

    What can I legally do to this reprobate?


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    Default Re: Texas Cattle Fencing

    That's way out of my field, but perhaps this article and this portion of the Texas Agriculture Code (PDF) pertaining to fencing, will help.

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