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    Default False Accusations in Texas

    My son was arrested for a crime he did not commit. After a year long ordeal all charges where dropped. He was strictly indentified off his DL pic. Weighed 225 on it, weighed 175 when he moved off to college. The four short weeks he was there he was arrested, weighed 175 when arrested. Moved back home immediately 3 hours away from college town. With numerous incidents of this still going on and one more time his name made tv there. The incident happening at the same complex he lived at same description of suspect. White heavy set male, yet the PD said current student arrested naming his name again on TV, said he did not fit the current suspects description? BS! I have proof that is the same description he was indentified as! Current charges that where on him that is how these girls described him! Am I wrong but do I feel some-one was trying to cover there butt! After they slandered my sons name all over that town, lied and said he did not fit current suspect description, after other numerous reports of this still going on after he left, same description in all of these. Was this not considered as malicious intent to prosecute? They cost him his whole first year of college! Plus we are out 20 - 25 grand!! And I am told by my Lawyer we are not a victim??? Knowone has done anything wrong?! BS!! Can anybody tell me what grounds I stand at this point.
    Thanks and Sincerely,
    One concerned mother over her innocent son being so maliciously destroyed publicly in TEXAS!

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    Default A Texas-Sized Injustice

    The word I'm thinking of is... impolite. And not to you - to the type of "justice" system that does this to people.

    Justice, Texas-style.

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