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    Default Landlord Refuses to Give the New Keys to the Tenant

    The place I currently live in is a bit unique. It’s located at the top of the hill in Hollywood Hills, CA. Since all of the cars must be parked at the bottom of the hill there is an elevator that services the houses that are located at the top of the hill. The elevator is located in a tower, which can only be accessed through the key-locked gate. Once you get past the gate, you have to use another key to call the elevator and finally once you are inside the cabin you have to use the key again to make the elevator go.
    There is an Elevator Association that is responsible for the elevator maintenance. On December 1st, 2004 they had both the gate and the elevator re-keyed and posted a note telling the home-owners to pick up their keys from the Homeowners Association and for the tenants to pick up their keys from their landlords.
    I’m in a dispute with my landlord right now and he absolutely refuses to give me my new keys. Since December 1st I haven’t had any access to the elevator, I’ve been having to use a very steep and long staircase (and on top of everything it’s very dark at night – it goes thorough very thick trees and it’s quite scary when you are by yourself) to access my house, which makes it practically impossible for me to do anything. For example: I can’t go grocery shopping, because I can’t haul the heavy bags up that staircase (I barely make it up by myself as it is); I can’t have a friend of mine over, because he’s leg is broken; I can’t move anything in or out - I’ve been needing to empty my storage but I can’t now, because it’s an impossible task without an elevator.
    Please HELP!!! What can I do to make him give me the keys?

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    Default Need Keys from Landlord

    You may wish to explore the remedies described on the California Department of Consumer Affairs website. Your situation is a bit unusual, and it is not immediately clear if it would fit the bill as the type of defect under discussion in that article. You might also be able to bring a basic breach of contract action.

    You may also wish to consider how you might resolve the underlying dispute with your landlord.

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