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    Default Wrongful Death and Lactic Acidosis

    My father died back in july, The cause of death was "METABOLIC ACIDOSIS"

    Which I believe was "LACTIC ACIDOSIS" which can occur from medications that should not be taking together.

    So I truly believe his doctor my be at fault.

    My father was taking the following medicaations:

    1. Gemfibrozil

    2. Crestor

    3. Altace

    4. Clonidine

    5. Metformin

    6. Hydrochlorozide

    7. Hydroxurea

    8. Allopurinol

    9. Insulin

    After doing some research I learned that metformin and hydroxyurea will cause latic acidosis.

    So I believe the doctor is somewhat responsible.

    Does anyone know if I have a lawsuit against the doctor?

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    Default Re: Wrongful Death and Lactic Acidosis

    I am sorry that you lost your father.

    There are many questions about his condition before he started these meds- how long he was on each one, same doctor prescibing all of them, his co-morbidity, precipitating factors immediately prior to his death, etc. All of which need to be answered by a medical specialist.

    If you are interested in looking into the poly-pharmacy issue as cause of his death, I suggest you consult a medical malpractice attorney. The consultations are usually without a charge. You might ask when you contact several different attorneys if you should obtain his medical records prior to your appointment.

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