Hi all. I found some threads on this issue but they were closed so I decided to start another.
I became interested in this subject when I accidentally discovered the existence of these sights a few years ago. I've written to a lot of people about this and haven't really gotten much of a respnse.
I know that this webe web has been shut down and the people involved arrested. Good! But what about all the other sites? There have to be hundreds! It just baffles me why people think that this is okay to do. You don't pose kids in skimpy clothes or underwear and call it decent modeling!
Somebody told me that President Bush signed some kind of law awhile back that makes sexually explicit cartoons, of what can be thought to be kids, the same thing as child porn. Well, that's another issue. But is there anything that makes this modeling crap illegal? Are most of these sites operating overseas? I wsh someone would educate me as to what's going on with this stuff. Thanks.