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    Default Re: Legality Of Child Modeling Sites On The Internet

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    Dramamine, you are an idiot.
    If taking up a position that is not entirely what you agree with makes me an idiot, then I guess I am. Please note that I haven't personally resorted to name calling.

    This has nothing to do with thought police.
    Doesn't it? Look at blueeagles blanket statements. blueeagle wants all of these sites shut down because of what some people might be thinking when viewing them. It's overreacting to a problem that can be minimized in other ways.

    It is protecting children.

    Protecting them to what end? I agree that they should be protected, but by the arguments I see here, it seems that some people would like to prosecute anyone who dared put any photo of any child on the net. That's sad really, and a bit frightening for our legal system. I'll also direct you to my earlier comments on the need for a better definition of the child porn laws. As it is now, the line in the sand on this issue is more a wave in a general direction than something definitive that can be pointed at and tell people not to cross.

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    Default Re: Legality Of Child Modeling Sites On The Internet

    Enough with the flame bait, y'all.

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    Default Re: Legality Of Child Modeling Sites On The Internet

    First off, I must apologise to the moderators if I was seen as flame baiting. That wasn't my intent.

    I must also say that I did expect responses like this. This is a topic which makes people feel uncomfortable, and rightly so. It is because of this discomfort that many people choose not to discuss this issue. However it is an issue that needs serious discussion. It is clear to me by the responses to my posts that this is, perhaps, the wrong forum for such a discussion. With that, I will seek other forums for the answers to my questions, and perhaps have a more meaningful and informative discussion.

    Thanks to all who have participated in this. Perhaps in the fiture we'll have better discussions on subjects that are not so uncomfortable.

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