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    MY friend has found a new employer within 4 weeks of entering the US. He does not like his current employer because of the way he is treated, he is asked to lie, fake info, not paid until his SSN comes in and things like that. He has found a new employer. Can he do a corp to corp with his new employer for about 6 months and then once he gets the pay stubs he can move on to the new employer ? Kindly advice. Is Corp to Corp legal ?I am told that Corp to Corp would mean that he would work for the new employer but pay the current employer some % of the commission. I have a strong feeling that as long as they get the money the current employer is going to keep quiet.

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    You mean, can the two employers work something out where he is still employed by the first employer, but doing work for the second? Possibly. Will they want to? I have no way of knowing.

    If he's working he should be paid. The employer doesn't need him to have a SSN - just to have applied for one.

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