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    Default What Happens After Pleading Guilty

    After someone pleads guilty can they go back and say they didnt do it or someone had helped them commit a crime and then the D.A.s office or a detective reopen the case and charge someone else with the crime almost two years later?

    My friend is worried that if he doesnt do what his wife says she can get him in trouble. It was a murder case he was not involved she wrote a letter stating she commited the crime then pleaded guilty 18 months later. Now she is threatinging him saying if he doesnt send her money or bring their child up there to the prison she will give him trouble and make him lose his daughter.

    He wants to file for divorce and terminate her rights as a parent but is afraid she will cause some kind of trouble for him.


    By the way she murdered their seven year old son.

    And how can you get a copy of a plea agreement, she says she got life in prison with parole and the news paper said she got life in prison without parole. Just want to see which one is right.

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    Default Friend Threatened by Imprisoned Wife

    Your friend should consult with a criminal defense lawyer, and see if he can develop a plan to protect himself. If the wife is trying to extort money from him, for example, it should be possible to get that threat on tape.

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