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    Default Convicted of aggravated assault and firearms charge

    In tennessee, I received a guilty verdict on a bench trial ( very bad legal representation ) on 2 counts of aggravated assault and carrying a firearm in commision of a felony ( even though I was a liscense security oficer with legal weapons). In tennessee agg charges can be put on someone if: they have a firearm and someone knows this, and claims to have been afraid or if someone robs a home and when the occupants return, they say they were i fear because they thought someone might be inside waiting for them, or might interrupt a theft and be harmed. They used firearms not used in the crime as evidence which should have gotten it over turned right there when it went to appeal, they even used tesimony about an assault rifle I had at a relatives house in another county I hadnt taken possession of in about 4 years, but the appeal ignoreed that and other issues due to my loss of rights, it having been a bench trial. There is the issue of the prosecutor leading the witnesses, alteration of the transcripts ( or at least different versins being given to diferent lawers I tried to get to take the case ) My appeals SEEM to be used up, the case was closed, it doesnt look like I can get anything expunged, someone told me there might be a problem with my sentancing ( i was taken into court 4 times for sentancing but, held for about 18 months without a sentance, then one suddenly appeared when I started getting timesheets from the state), my bond was illegally revoked in the first place ( which was how I bonded out a second time, only to loose that upon loosing the appeal )

    I knew a tiny bit about the law, going into the trial but not enough. I caught the judge on a part of proceedure during the trial and he went ballistic. I didnt understand I was at his mercy due to it being a bench trial and that most legal laws no longer applied. i'm heavily in debt, I cant get any medical coverage because of the state of the tennessee health care laws and systems are currently screwed( and loosing coverage from being in jail ) and I might be going back because I cant pay my probation fees and court costs. This is my only charge ever, from over 5 years ago, and it's destroyed my health and my life. i'm totally at the end of my rope, and have no clue waht to do. Any advice would help, thanks.

    (..and this is in a county where the SWAT team attacked a suspects girlfriends grandmothers house with tear gass and stun grenades on a rumor, nearly setting it on fire with her in it, alone, and nothing was done about it. Alot of lawyers i talked to years ago wont even practice there. A combination of too much hick + money + political power there for most people to risk their legal liscense/neck it seems)

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    Default add

    I apologize for the long post, but to be cery specific about the point of talking about the ease of getting agg charges in tennessee, I never drew a weapon on anyone or threatenned anyone.

    Big shot lawyers i spoke with in nashville tenn always said they could get the charges dropped, not a big deal, happens all the time etc etc whatever but would back off when they heard what county it was in. This all happened the day after an officer was shot and killed, and I was beatten pretty damn good by the cops, so there's alot more than what I've said in this post actually to take into account.

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    Default Appealing Criminal Conviction

    You should consider pursuing an appeal. You may qualify for a court-appointed lawyer.

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