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    Default Assault Charges Filed but Not Prosecuted

    My son has been convicted of 2 counts of sexual assault of a child and improper relationship between an educator and a teacher. During the trial, the only witness was the student and she was caught in a lie, but in West Texas the community was up in arms about a teacher being freed just prior to all of this, so my son became the scapegoat. We are appealing. But my question is about the attack by the student's father on my son at the school board meeting. The school board fired my son and as everyone was leaving, the father sucker-punched my child. The only damage was a contusion and a pair of broken glasses. When he told me about the incident, I suggested he go to the emergency room and have his injuries looked at by a doctor. While there, he was made to file a police report. The father is a city worker, and right after my son filed charges on the man for assault, the student decided that she had been violated. These charges were never made until her father was charged for assault. When my son questioned why his charges against the father were never brought to trial, he was told that criminal charges against my son took precedent over the assault. I think the false criminal charges were only filed to protect the father. Now that the crimnial case has been completed, what happens to the charges against the father? My daughter-in-law has power of attorney. Can she pursue those charges or does a father get a free shot at someone even if there was no self-defense involved?

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    Default Re: Assault Charges Filed but Not Prosecuted

    Your story doesn't really make sense. The more reasonable inference is that dad hit your son because his daughter had already said, "He molested me". It also sounds like your son was being fired because of these allegations, even if he had not yet been charged.

    I don't know of any way you can force the prosecutor to act on the assault charge, as you're not the victim. But if the charges remain pending, they should proceed.

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