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    We have a parcel of land in NC thats is landlocked. There is an existing dirt road that was made over 40 years ago by then land owner to upgrade from another existing dirt road for the purpose of having better access to what is now our property. The adjoining property has now been sold, and the new owner doesn't want to work with us on an easement and uses or property as his own. What can we do if anything to gain legal access to our property and stop others from using it as theirs.

    any help would be appreciated

    One other thing. This land-owner also has an easement to get to his property.

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    You can take him to court and get the court to determine the easement. I suggest that you have an attorney write him a letter.

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    I would bet you will get a prescriptive easement- but it seems you will need to file in court.

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