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    Default Dispute With A Modeling Agency

    I am from the UK. I had a 3 year contract with modeling agency in the USA for 3 years, with an H1b visa.

    They decided not to extend my stay.

    So, I go on 'my' website. They have personal pictures of me as a child, me and my girlfriend, and other personal pictures which they must have taken from myspace. This cannot be legal?!?

    They are still selling 'product' with my name on it, but also services that I guess I am supposed to supply(creating diets and workout routines), aswell as pretending to be me writing articles that are nothing but lies.

    I have not been paid for a long time. I have probably received 5 quarterly payments over 5 years, and when I get them they are pathetic.

    Another thing. No matter how many time I have asked for a copy of my 'contract' they do not send it. I don't think they have it. The owner is a scatter brain so I pretty much no he has lost it.

    Any help on this matter would be great.

    What kind of lawyer?

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    Default Re: Dispute With A Modeling Agency

    It's a pretty simple contracts matter, so try a law firm which handles contracts and business disputes. Without your contract, it's hard to know what your rights are.

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