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    Default Protection from Abusers of Social Services

    My daughter is 4 years old, and from the day she was born she has brought nothing but happiness to my life.

    My daughter's father, from the day we learned of my pregnancy, had brought nothing but sorrow.

    It was a serious relationship which ended with the pregnancy when he ran back to his ex-girlfriend. They proceeded to harasss me via e-mails, and sending pornography to myself, and my neighbors in my name.

    It stopped when they were contacted by the Post Master and I requested restraining orders against them. Since I was 7 months pregnant, and could not face going to court, I let the orders drop.

    Over the last 3 years, I have done what I could to include him, but it ended up with two orders of abuse both filed by separate doctors against him. The pain is that his "ex" girlfriend is a social worker employed by Healthy Families in Lynn, MA. She was able to get the orders dismissed.

    My lawyer obtained a mediator and we were able to come up with a parental plan; this includes meeting with a therapist when issues arise. Well the issues have stemmed from him not showing up, to being naked in teh bed with her, to having our daughter sleep in teh bed with him and his girlfriend. These are not claims by me, but my daughter first told daycare. They did not do anything or file. The theraspist consistently advised not to go back to court, not to get a guardian ad litem, and to work it out.

    Things calmed down for awhile, but I recently got a new job, and he graduates from school in a few months. He wants money and does not want to pay the $65 a week he does now. He is training as a radiology technician at Mass General Hospital and does work at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

    On 8/11/07 he picked up our daughter for his overnight visit and I told him about a bump on her head and that she had a scratch on her neck from her necklace; advised him I put neosporin on it and to keep it covered.

    On 8/12/07 he drops off our daughter, with his girlfriend in tow and causes a scene. My mother arrived 10 minutes after he left-unfortunatley. The game plan was for our daugther to go with her Gram for a week at the beach while I had training in Ohio for my job (leaving 8/13/07). He knew about this for over a month.

    Thank God, my training class was terminated shortly and I flew home on Thursday (8/16/07) where I opened a letter from Social Services!!! I was accused of abusing my daughter, and this was being handled by the DA's office!

    I was beyond terrified and contacted the investigator. She advised me my daughter was scheduled to go in the NEXT DAY for an interview with four people who would watch her behind a screen, she would be taped, and there was nothing I could do.

    I was able to focus and advise her of what had been going on and offered to have her come to my house right then and see where my daughter lived. I also advised her if she knew that there were two abuse orders against him, and the issues of the ex girlfriend. She did not, and immediately made an appointment to see me the next morning.

    I called my mother only to find out my dauter's father had been playing her all week. Saying he would come up one night, then canceling, then saying, "Why don't we meet at 12:00 on Friday, I will take her to see Underdog, then meet you some place and you can taker her back to her mother (me).". Disgusting.

    I called the investigator back and she called my mom; I also asked the investigator if she had spoken with my daughter's caregiver-she had NOT. Because my daughter's father was also aware that she was on vacation at the same time I was out of town.

    The investigator was here at 7:00am, and we had a long discussion. I wrote up all that had happened over the years, she took the information and we agreed to meet at 1:00.

    I asked my mother to meet me in the DA's parking lot, and the three of us went up together.

    At 1:15, they took him and my daughter into another room and locked the door! I thought I would be able to see or know, but I was told nothing. Two hours later they came out.

    I have more details, but the bottom line is, it was dismissed.

    Now I have to take action and protect myself and my daughter. He also had the gall to take our daughter to the emergency room, and use my health care information! Since it was from teh old company, and cancelled, they are sending me the bills.

    The one good thing is that I found the name of the doctor. She graduated in 2003, and has an association with MGH-imagine that.

    I am terrified of what they will do next, and have no response but to expend money I dont have to get a lawyer. My work demands I have a clean record-he knew this-and even though dismissed, this charge could effect my livlihood. The investigator claims I am not in a database, but this info could be accessed via a court request.

    I also need to ensure his ex-girlfriend is not allowed to do anything else against me, and that all action will be questioned.

    I have contacted my child custody lawyer, but her response was "This happens all the time", and we can change the parenting agreement, but thats all.

    My thoughts are to contact the Attorney General's office, MGH Patient Complaint office and the Joint Commission on Accrediation of Healthcare Organizations on this matter.

    Can you please advise me in this matter?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Protection from Abusers of Social Services

    Sorry. As your lawyer says, this happens all the time, and pretty much all you can do is petition to change the parenting order.

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