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    Question False Report of a Car Accident

    I was parked on a street in Chicago and when my son and I returned to our car there was another car parked extremely close to the rear of ours. When we entered our car to pull away a woman came out of nowhere claiming that I backed my car into hers (I didn't, but wanted to). She then decided to call the Chicago police. They came and told us to go to the police station so that she may file a police report against me. We did just that. She claimed that she was driving a Mercedes and gave all the information for a Mercedes. I told her that her car wasn't a Mercedes, she insisted it was. Since I hadn't take any pictures of her car to verify, the intake officer wrote down what she stated her car was. The long and short of it is... the car wasn't a Mercedes but a Fort Escort. The police officers who had come to the scene initially later verified that her car was not a Mercedes.
    Today they arrested her for filing a false police report. YEA!!!
    My question is.... can I sue this woman, mostly to teach her a lesson and also we spent our whole afternoon at the police station dealing with this lunatic??

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    Default Re: False Report of a Car Accident

    Did you incur any financial damage because of this? Probably not more than the gas to drive down to the station, and maybe half a day's pay. Not worth suing over except in small claims. But yeah, if somebody tried to do that to me I'd be tempted to bring a small claim. Collecting it if you win would be another matter, though...

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