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    Default Libel By Former Employees on an Internet Complaint Board

    A few of my former dismissed or laid off employees are making untrue, false and hateful remarks about me my family and my company. I am a CEO of a healthcare company in Maine and my company does outpatient brain injury rehab. These employees trash me as a unethical, immoral manager an accuse me of false billing , false payroll activity , client and Employee bulling and have accused me of having an affair with my HR Cord "All posted on an internet complaint site" They also accused me and my staff of running an immoral ,illegal and unethical program. They has also have contacted our accredation organization and have contacted the state with these lies!!! Im not worried about those complaints because we are inspected annually and these people know me personally for ten years. But i am worried about the trash on the net. When you do a google search of my website, their complaints board postings shows up right below.
    They say quite often in their 40 plus separate comments "they want to close us"

    I know the names of 3 of them who started the activity. 2 employees and ones husband, the others all names like: former employee, on looker, detective, another employee referral source ,client and so on. I think its only this few posting under different names. Do I have personal and company action? Can I sue them and stop the postings on the site. Thanks

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    Default Re: Libel By Former Employees on an Internet Complaint Board

    It depends entirely on two things; the EXACT wording of the comments and whether or not you can prove damages that are directly tied to them.

    If the comments are phrased in the form of an opinion, there's nothing you can do about it. They are entitled to their opinion and they are entitled to express it.

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