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    Default When Are You In The Clear?

    I was detained for shoplifting a ten dollar item this past May. The LP person that spoke with me said that I would receive a summons for a court date in about a month and that I was being charged with shoplifting although I was not being arrested. I contacted the police department to check on if there was any record of the incident or if anything was filed. I also called the courts. There is no record of this incident anywhere. The store did not have me sign any paperwork or anything - they just took a copy of my license. I have heard nothing since this event took place. Am I in the clear?

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    Until the statute of limitations runs out no your not. However I would say if its been this long more than likely they decided it wasn't worth it.

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    Thanks - more specifically - when I say in the clear I'm thinking of criminal charges - If the police didn't file anything then the worst I could possibly expect is a civil demand at some point correct? I know that that may still be on its' way although the store didn't have me sign anything, just took a copy of my license.

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    They are not required to have you sign anything to press charges but yes it appears all you need to worry about is Civil Demand

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