Hi, just a quick question to see where the acknowledged father stands...

Can the acknowledged father sue for fraud? He wants to remain the acknowledged father, still pay support, have his joint legal custody and regular visitations.... however, can he take the mother to court for fraud or would that be a complete waste?

Two DNA tests were done - a home dna test, which excluded him as the father and then a notorized test was done that was not court ordered but is a legal test (for the mother's benefit because she demanded it) and, of course, he was excluded as the father with the exact same failed markers.

The acknowledged father lives in Texas -- he moved to Texas to provide a better life for a child the mother said was his. The child and mother live in Oklahoma. I do believe in Oklahoma the paternity cannot be disestablished if the child is two years or older after signing the BC and the AOP. The child will be four years old in just under two months -- the man has been the acknowledged father since birth (he doesn't want to disestabish paternity because in his heart the child is his own), but he still wants to sue for FRAUD... would he go about doing this in Oklahoma or Texas, if it's possible? or could he do it at all?