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    Question Medical Records and Billing Questions

    The bills have to do with Chiropractic care, my wife was told that she would be treated for whatever her insurance would pay, by the DR. The reason for this was the doctor was getting me as a lifetime medical Worker's Comp award. When California's Governer changed the laws the insurance companies used this as an excuse to no longer pay. Then almost a year later my wife was handed a bill for approx 400 dollars. I was dropped as a patient without the DR. even having the courtesy to tell me herself. The other day after my wife called her the DR. stated she was only being billed for the massage therapy. I have copies of all her bills there is only $54.00 of massage therapy not paid for. My wife is now being threatened with them turning the bill over to a collection agency.

    My wife is on mental disability due to our oldest daughters death, her check doesn't cover her insurance much less any xtra's. I am on early social security, and just opened a business which for now is in the red. I am the representative payee for my wife. I would almost bet the Workers' Comp billing would show some interesting abnormalities. Where do we Stand

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    Default Re: Medical Records and Billing Questions

    You can pay the claim, you can try to reason with the chiropractor for a reduction of the bill, or you can decline to pay and see if you are sued or if it is referred to a collection agency. If you are sued, you can assert whatever deal you had and any billing irregularities as a defense against the debt. If it is reported to a collection agency you can dispute the debt, although I expect that the chiropractor's office would simply affirm that the amount they reported is accurate. You can also consider a lawsuit of your own to resolve the debt, although procedurally it's usually easier to bring a counterclaim if in fact money is owed. If you believe worker's compensation was billed for services provided to your wife, it can be assumed that they will be happy to investigate.

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