Hi I am in desperate need for advice.
I have a loan through citifinancial since March and have paid on time since it was opened. but this past month I got behind not even 15 days heck the day after the due date they were calling me. Anyways so to prevent myself from having this problem again I went to my bank and got 3 checks one for the past due 08-02-2007) but I dated this one for the 21st of August and the other two I dated for the next two payment dates ( 09-02-2007 and 10-02-2007) in the memo I wrote loan pymnt. Tonite I checked my bank acct online and seen a negative 500.00 all three of the checks have been deposited. Well I had the money in there for the past due but not the ther two checks now I have all sorts of overdraft charges and I have my cell phone pymnt coming out which should hit my acct in the morning. The bank has it that they were cashed on the 22nd but I check my acct everyday and none of them were posted and I checked it after 12:30 am on the 23rd and nothning was posted . What the heck.... do I do. Is there anything I can do?
Why would my bank cash checks when there was no enough money in the acct to cash all of them checks dont banks have some way of knowing this. I have 5 kids a vehicle pymnt and house pymnt and now this.
Anyone advice please, Im desperate. Is there anything I can do?What do I say to the bank???? I can afford this. Heck I can barely afford to feed my kids and pay for gas to go back and forth to work. I cant believe they can do something like this and get away with it.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Oh by the way my name is Stephanie sorry Im just disturbed at the moment.