my boyfriend is a Mexican citizen with a Mexican passport but living in the US. we want to get married but also we both feel that we should take steps to have him be legal (he came into US uninspected at 4 years old).

We thought i should apply for the I-129 to petition for fiance and then have him go back to Mexico to complete the rest of the paperwork, interview, and processes.

will there be any delays, is this the right way to do it, and if he was never inspected when entering, do we put that on the application, what kind of delays are we looking at and what kind of a process, delay, wait time are we looking at before we can set our date?

also, what kind of things do we need to show to prove our relationship? we have pictures and letters, is that enough?

the wait time if no problems is about 6 months on the INS website... is that usually accurate? What is the interview process like? Any other advice or information anyone can pass along? Thank you