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    Default Resignation Under Duress in Pennsylvania

    Two weeks ago in the heat of the moment after getting blasted for the second time over something that was previously discussed with the boss and then she forgot I blurted out "that's it I had it I'm leaving" and started gathering my belongings. One of the managers brought me into the bosses offices and she asked that I please stay since one associate was going on vacation and I was his backup and they would be screwed. I agreed and our dicussion included her telling me that once the other associate came back if I still wanted to leave I could resign. I was hired when they started another company and needed an administrator but was also being trained as back up to the other administrator who didn't like training anyone for his position as back up for fear of losing his job. This was repeated to me numerous times by the boss because I was the 3rd person hired for this position and the only one who lasted as long as I did. From the time I got there I struggled to learn his job and the position I was hired for. The company was a new internet based company and quite honestly I was left out of the loop and basically struggled . There was constant animosity between my boss and his partner and no communication when things changed that affected my work directly leaving me trying to keep everyone happy. On more than one occassion I expressed my concerns and was told don't worry. I was assured if the company folded there would be work within the other company.The job of learning the other associates job would take a year don't worry etc. Fast forward to Monday I was called in the office and the boss said" I had 4 days to think about" this and gave me a paper with resignation at the top and a place to sign and date. I was so shocked but said I don't want to leave but was so afraid if I didn't sign I would be fired and health benefits terminated. My husband is in the middle of a major health crisis and I'm still in a chapter 13 bankruptcy and no matter had bad the job is I'm not in the position to leave. I have a chronic medical condition which is flaring up because of this and I ended up calling out sick today. I didn't get a copy of what I signed. I did ask how much time I had and she said two weeks so 8-31-07 s/b my last day. I've never been disiplined so they would have no justification for firing me which is why I suspect they drew up the paper for me to sign so I couldn't collect unemployement. The outburst was wrong and when it happened I apologized profusely for being unprofessional etc hopng to smooth things over and even went so far as to take the blame for where I sit today for not opening my mouth regarding the training I was gettting from the other associate as back up for his position. The day I signed the paper the boss told me" I think I know went wrong" and proceeded to tell me it was the training I got from the other associate. The bosses son piped in with "there is not enough work'. In reality the biggest issue was the stonewalling of information when I did ask questions in regards to the position I was hired for and mixed responses when I did get answers. There was no written job description at the time I was hired . The thought of having to stay there until the 31st makes me cringe but when I go tomorrow there is a possibility they will fire me anyway. What is my recourse now? Can I collect unemployement? Do I tender an official resignation? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Resignation Under Duress in Pennsylvania

    You can try to file for unemployment. The fact that you admit to quitting, and submitted a formal letter of resignation a few days later, will likely weigh significantly against your getting benefits.

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