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    Default Wire Tranfer Problem

    My father wire transfered me $5000CDN at Bank of China in Hong Kong.
    To my ScotiaBank account in Toronto,Canada...

    he went to the bank to do this august 14th. and now its already august 21st.

    I still don't see the money... I phoned scotiabank 2 days ago, and check, they don't see any money coming in. And they told me to wait for 5 business days.

    Like I don't get it, Cuz its not my first time recieving wire transfer, but with a different bank. (Citi Bank HK to CIBC Canada) and its done within 24 hours.

    how could it takes 5 business days??
    I really don't know what to do, and I don't want to bother my father...

    Is there a simple way for me to check??

    I am kindna worried, plus I need that money quick.
    Or is it because he is using Bank of China??

    When I was in HK... I uses HSBC... so, I know nothing about Bank of China...

    can anyone here give me some advice?? on what is going on?
    or what is gonna happen???

    *I personally don't like Bank of China nor Scotiabank....
    Bank of China... heard too many problems...
    Scotiabank... slow, delay on thing, not flexable.(like i cannot do anything if my branch is closed. The telephone banking is almost completely useless + ones who picked up my phone on tel banking seems to know nothing about banking... giving me almost the same answer on everything. >> Wait 5 business days...

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    Default Re: Wire Tranfer Problem

    It seems most likely that the delay is resulting from the actions of a government at one end or the other of the transaction, as opposed to the banks. As you note, completion of wire transfers is usually very quick.

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    Default Re: Wire Tranfer Problem

    as you said...

    it maybe government action....
    how long does these "government action" usually takes???

    Cuz come on... I am just a 23yr old guy... my annual income is no more than 20000.
    dun get it... why is it me.... plus its only $5000CDN that i am recieving...

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    Default Re: Wire Tranfer Problem

    By the way, my currently account balance is below 0...
    I mean -$8.52....

    How can the government choose to investigate a poor guy like me....
    meanwhile i am waiting for this money to pay my rent...

    lord... help~~~ is there any way so I can speed up the process...

    I really do hate this unknown situation...
    if they are investigating... tell me... at least...

    Now I end up not knowing is it my mistake on information provided...
    or is it the gov... or the bank...

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