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    Default Cryptography Export Restrictions

    Hello, I run a small website that uses SSL for encryption of the website when users log in. This is similar to any other password protected site like Google or Yahoo, and uses a similar login system to the one for this forum (except over HTTPS).

    There are laws regarding using cryptography for international communication, but they are very complex to understand. It's my understanding that as long as the country is not listed as terrorist or embargoed, it is ok to use any level of encryption. But, I am worried this might not be correct, and it is impossible to check their country before they first use the website.

    So for now I will use a lower-level of encryption, but my question is, what is the max encryption that can be used in the website without breaking any country's laws? The content is not very secret or confidential, but still we want to use a standard level of communication encryption to have better security.

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    Default Re: Cryptography Export Restrictions

    How would you be exporting encryption technology if all people are doing from the foreign nation is logging in (with all of the actual encryption technology stored on your server, and none conveyed to their computer).

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