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    It has recently come to my attention that a police officer came into my place of work (in Michigan) requesting some information about me (the officer did not have a subpoena). My boss gave him my name, phone number, address, work schedule for both of my jobs and possibly other information that I am unaware of. Can my employer do this? This is my personal information and he just handed it right over!

    Also, I was told that because there is a possibility, however it is very unlikely (I spoke the officer already and have cooperated), that I cannot return to work until I can prove to them that I will not be charged. Can they do this? I haven't been charged with anything, its all heresy and they are suspending me from work from something that happened at my own home off the clock!?

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    Default Re: Employer giving out personal information

    Information such as address and phone number is public information. The officer could have gotten it off the internet or out of the phone book. There is nothing illegal about giving it out. Nor is your work schedule considered confidential.

    Would I have given it out? No, I wouldn't. Did your employer violate any laws by doing so? No, he didn't.

    They can suspend you for something that happened at home off the clock, yes.

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    Your personal info (address, phone etc) are not hard for Police to get and if you had done no wrong why worry. If you remployer had not gave it to them they would have got it somewhere else. Besides that is there an agreement not top share info with Police? Where giving John Doe off the street the info might warrant concern, I fail to see how giving it to Police is a violation of your rights or privacy. Now many employers suspend staff when they are being investigated or charged with a crime. Example a teacher is accusse dof molesting student. district decides to suspend teacher until charges are cleared or Teacher jailed. Its normal and since you have not said what you have or might be charged with its hard ot say if your employer acted too soon or not. However in an at will state an employer can fire anyone at anytime for any or no cause. I would presume this also applies to suspensions

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