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    Default Wrongfully Accused of Assault

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    Ok, trying to make a long story short but almost impossible. I had a live in girlfriend whom i met that had problems with family and i felt sorry for her and let her move in with me to help her get a better life. She had 3 children and come to find out each with a different father. As time went by we had 1 ourselves and i felt the need to try hard to have a family. She started having problems with narcotic pain relievers and went to rehab to get help. After that things seemed to went fine. Then her family started getting more involved with her and our relationship. She started running off and staying gone late at night. She was having an affair with a boy taking narcotics. As hard as it was, i gave her one more chance. On occasions she would leave and be gone from the whole weekends to a week at a time. She would look for arguments just to have a reason to leave. One time in particular she left for a weekend and had a room purchased from one of her ex-boyfriends parents at a motel. I searched for her that weekend to catch her at the motel and she rushed to get into the room from whoever was on the inside to open the door. When i approached the door she threatened she would call the desk and have me forced to leave. When her weekend came to a end she came home late satuday night messed up on drugs. She admitted to doing drugs. I am sure more than narcotics because i heard that cocaine was involved with her ex-boyfriend. What hurt the most was the only child she had with her in the motel room was my little girl not even 2 at the time. Me being upset finally tried calling this relationship to an end. later she came to me and said she was pregnant stating it was mine and she was with no one else. Me pondering if there is a chance of that, decided to try and take care of her again. Things got real bad from here. She started narcotics again, constantly wanting to go out and purchase them. Using her pregnancy as an excuse for backpain to get them. She constantly kept going to the hospital to get them. Things started disappearing around home and even worse my mothers DVD's that my girlfriend would borrow was vanishing as well. I disagreed with things that caused many arguments between us. Whenever i tried to have her to move out she would threaten me with (you cannot make me leave, my stuff is here and i have every right to be here.) The home is owned by my father but she made accusations to me stating she would call the law and tell them i hit her to make me get locked up and she would stay there. Me under this threat started seeing a totally different person and i feared for what might happen to me. One night i was trying to sleep to be ready for work the next morning. She kept me awake all night arguing with me. She told me she called her mother to come and get her, she was leaving. Me thinking, ok maybe for the best, especially for the children whom are always the innocent victims here. I finally woke up and waited for her to show. She never did, when i had my doubts on her mother showing she started acting aggressive and hit me with the telephone, causing my eye to later blacken. I finally told her if she didn't leave i was calling the sheriff dept to have her leave. She then picked up the telephone and called 911 and had them come out for a disturbance. They did appear and luckily she didn't tell them any lies like i feared she would. They just spoke to us both. I told the law i wanted her to leave but i did not enforce it because her being pregnant. So i agreed to let her stay. After all this i went into our room and turned on my computer. I then turned on my webcam and videoed the rest of the night. Me keeping myself in the room and shut the monitor off. I also called her mother to come and get the kids out of there because they were waking up and did not need to be there during this. Her mother finally showed up and then my girlfriend started acting even more aggressive. Her mother stated if you cannot get along with each other we need to part ways. I totally agreed and walked out of the home to get some peace for a bit. Behind my back she was telling her mother i was running around saying she is taking drugs. She was even making comments to her mother that i was taking drugs. She told her mother that the law told her if i hit her they would come back and lock me up. She said the sorry ******* is lucky i don't take papers out on him. She also was telling the children 7yr old and lower that if i didn't leave i was going be leaving in a ambulance or a trip to the morgue. She threatened my life to her mother and the children. She also stated that she would call the law back and tell them i hit her just to get me locked up. She was using very profane language during this whole time around the children. I dare not say them here. Finally when the rest of the night had come to an end. she left the next day for awhile, then it was like everything was fine with her. I will say about 3 weeks to a month later she left again after giving birth to twins. *The twins were born premature and had to be place in the neonatal ICU.* She Wanted to get out and find something i assume but she couldn't because the car was in the shop for repairs. At this time i was needing to leave for only 30 minutes to get some sizes for a supermarket job that i was needing to turn in on a IVR system for work. I had asked my father to loan me their car so i could do it. She told me if i left she was going to leave but it also meant in me being fired because i had been neglecting my job responsibilities for her during her pregancy. When i left she called me on my cell and told me she was leaving. I said ok, but why? She hung up. I was gone 25 minutes and she had called her sister to come and get her. This sister she called is the one who had prescription drugs and was giving them to her. I knew what she was wanting by the aggressive act she was showing at the time. The neighbors spotted her leaving on foot down the road with all 4 children to be picked up by her sister. This twisting up my nerves had finally decided to end our relationship indefinately. The very next day i slept in from being up late the night before. She had returned without my knowledge to get the car seats out of our home to go get the twins out of the hospital. The twins were coming home. She sneaked in without waking me up and left. She then went to my parents who lived just a walking distance from us and told them i needed her to get $20.00 for gas to get the twins. I was asleep this whole time and didn't know until my family told me she even came by. I didn't see her again until the next night. My 1st cousin whom is female had come by to visit with me and see how i was doing because she had heard that i was having problems. Just so happens my girlfriend shows up and comes through the door accusing me of her, threatening to smack the s**t out of me. Calling my cousin terrible names. All i asked her to do was get what she needed and leave. She was raging mad. This scared my cousin and she walked out to leave. I pleaded to her not to leave but she did anyways. After that my girlfriend starting breaking things, vases, stereos, pictures you name it. She smacked me a couple of times. I ran out to my parents house to call the law, then i returned to tell her they were on the way giving her the chance to leave. My father had decided to stand outside on the driveway to listen to her smashing things. She then picked up the phone and called the law again telling them i attacked her. *note* she had a mark on her right cheek where i think when she knocked the stereo off the dresser, the speakers i had mounted on the wall above it came off by the wire connected to them and struck her on the cheek. When the law came, she used this mark stating i had hit her. They then of course told me zero tolerance law, if she has a mark on her and says i did it. They had to take me in. She was framing me i think because she had it planned with her mother to do it. Ruining my rights to the children. They locked me up over night and gave me bond in court the next day in the court room. *I was humiliated*. I was released $1500.00 unsecured, i signed myself out. When i was gone i was told by family that she was making up all kinds of lies to the law as they gave her the right to go in my home and obtain some of her things. There is so much more to talk about but this has been very torturing. I am sorry for the long write up. All i can say is HELP! What can i do?


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    Default Re: Wrongfully Accused of Assault

    You should get help from a lawyer, and be prepared to prove your various claims in court with the help of your witnesses.

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    She had 3 children and come to find out each with a different father. As time went by we had 1 ourselves and i felt the need to try hard to have a family. She started having problems with narcotic pain relievers and went to rehab to get help. After that things seemed to went fine.
    Then her family started getting more involved with her and our relationship.

    Yes rehab was tried. These are very unpredictable people. The update right now is she came over 2 days ago and stated that she wasn't going to send me to jail for something i didn't do. She told me, a friend who came in out of town and my uncle that i did not do what she claimed and explained about the stereo as i figured that done it. I also managed to video it as well.
    She was telling me that she could not get along with people, she was snapping off at everyone and the kids she could not take care of right now. I asked where the children were and asked if i could get mine to take care of. also i asked where she could place the rest with while she was getting help. She didn't comment. She then told me when she was leaving that she wanted to come by late at night when it was dark so my family would not see her. She didn't care that the friend from out of town was with me. I said not a good idea. She rang my phone off the hook from her fathers and i didn't answer. She was pleading to me as if she was wanting me to take her back. Ok, next day, the last phone call happened around noon. Then they suddenly stopped.
    Her brothers come by to get alot of her things. I let them with my friend as witness. They told me she was signing rights to them on a legal pad stating they can enroll the children in school or take them to the doctors. They told me as well that the children were with them and doing fine. They informed me that she was at her sisters which did not surprise me because that is why the phone calls would stop. Her sister is one of the master minds behind this and i feel it. Also they said she would not let them use the phone from there to call me at my home. So by this i know she is dominating my ex-girlfriend by coaching her to do as she says with her drugs. Her sister is one of those that thinks they know all legal ways like an attorney to handle things but her tactics are like those coming out of a cracker jack box. Her brothers stated that they seen 3 cars pull in and leave there as they suspected drug deals as the knew 2 of them. They stated my ex-girlfriend was saying she was going to come down and see what she has left that is hers. Not for them to worry about it. I told them she had better bring a deputy sheriiff with her when she did. No exceptions.
    My child is the only one out of the group that the father has signed responsibility for. She carries my last name. I am not married to her.. As far as the motel incident, it was an idea to turn those things in but her family had the children then except for my daughter. Also they are very deviuos and would have used the lack of concrete evidence against it and probably win. Things that happened there were brief and i could never see for myself who or what was inside the motel room door. Also it was commented by her family that the twins did not look like me and they looked like the boy she had. Which is the alleged father that was told to me was at the motel room. Also after she had told me that she told her sister-n-law that i didn't do what she said against me, come to find out by her brother which is married to sister-n-law that she said no such a thing and was still left believing that i had hit her. My girlfriend lied again. As i type this on the next day i have still heard nothing.
    I feel that her brothers may have been trying to set me up. Because they said they told her i wouldn't let her there without the law. One kept saying they even told her that i said no even if she was coming with him. *Note* (even if she came with him). He remarked this about 3 times leaving me to think he wanted me to say, (well sure it's ok if she shows up here with you). That felt like i was being set up. They said if i found the other green folder they needed me to bring it by their home and that i was always welcome there. (Yeah right). I would be a fool to go anywhere around her family. I never said she couldn't come with him but he told her that lie stating that so she would think and know i was serious. I told him he didn't need to tell her that lie because me telling her she needed the law here with her is serious enough. I think anyways. That is why i feel like i am being set up and the giving custody to them may be a bunch of crap as well. They all lie so much i don't know who do believe.

    Guess i am still tormented.....


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