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    Default Access to Personal Property

    What is the name of your state? GA

    I moved out a year ago. In February Judge gave her temporary exclusive use of house, her car and required me to pay mortgage, car/house insurance for 6 months. That order was dated February 9th and retroactive to February 1st. Exact wording says 6 months or until further order of court. I interpret that as expired?!? So now I want to get stuff from house. She won't return phone calls or letters. (Forget about attorney, I have an unresponsive attorney as posted here previously.) Can I ask the sheriff to go to the house with me so I can get some belongings I left there pending resolution of this divorce? It is jointly deeded and I'm the sole name on the mortgage. That should be the 11th commandment not to do!!! Thanks

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    Default Recovering Property

    The divorce is now resolved? If so, distribution of property should be governed by the final judgment. If not, you really need to work through the court and your lawyer.

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    Default Not Over

    Its not over! Another question when will it be over! I'm waiting on my lawyer to send them our offer and to set up a court date or whatever they do next. I had an earlier post as to why he hasn't moved on the case yet. No replies here. So what options do I have to get my property. Thanks, itdh

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