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    Default Restraining Order Hearing

    I need some insight here please, My husband back in December wrote 2 checks totaling almost $11,000 gave them to his cousin whom he owed money to him and his mother, knowing he didnt have the funds in his account, well the checks came back NSF, that amount in NC is considered a felony, when the Police called him in to get his version he claimed his cousin stole them, even thought he wrote them and signed them, but wasnt going to give them to him. I went with him and said nothing, later that day after we left I called the Detective and told him my husband was lying and I wasnt going ot be a part to going to court and lying under oath. That was the 21st of May.

    I was told by my husband I would lie for him on this matter period. Well we got into it big on the 25th and he threatened me to kill me and my family, if I didnt I told him to get out and the next day I filed communicating threats charges. In turn the warrent went to the county he was staying in and they served him with the domestic communicating threats charge, and 2 felony worthless check charges, from that county, and intimidating a witness charge. I had had contact with him all week before he was arrested, acting like I would take him back, only so I knew he would stay where he was 2 hours away , I called numerous times to make sure he was there so I could sleep at night till the Police got it all together to arrest him on friday.
    Well he is now fighting me to get a restraining order against him, he pled no contest to communicating threats, was sentenced and now is appealing it, and now has a lawyer to fight my restraining order, he has been in jail since June 1st when this all went down on a $300,000 bond they are taking it serious in the other countyas they know him.

    he is trying to paint me as a scorned woman getting back at him claiming He didnt want to take me back cause I was abusive to him( hes nuts). I have no criminal record, no charges, he has a record 8 pages of charges against other women and 1 conviction of violating a B50 order 3 years ago against anothr woman, and a communicating threats conviction against a business owner.

    Who wins here no one was around when he threatened to kill me and my family if I didnt lie. help.

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    Default Re: Restraining Order hearing the week.

    You have a restraining order. He has a legal right to try to overturn the order. Above and beyond that, what's your question?

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    Default Re: Restraining Order Hearing

    Whats my question? I guess not really a question to be answered more of opinions on what I can expect the out come to be. considering all the varibles I wrote.

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