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    Default Preparing for an IME

    What are your thoughts on taking notes in with you, in addition to the medical records and x-rays? If there is no legal obligation for the doctor to answer questions, can they claim obstruction if you try to ask too many questions? If there is no doctor-patient relationship and no duty to treat or diagnose, what if they don't accurately diagnose your condition and injure you during the IME?

    I was wondering about some "advice" I received from an injured worker I met in a doctor's office. I complained to the fellow patient that I was frustrated that the doctor didn't seem to listen to everything I had to say and didn't really wait for me to finish answering his questions. He never seemed to answer any of my questions adequately, he was always kind of vague and evasive. So I wrote my symptoms and questions down so I could go through them one by one. The injured worker said that I shouldn't let the doctor see it, and to review it before he gets in to the room so that he doesn't think that I am malingering or complaining about too many things. Then he said that asking too many questions really pisses them off and the doctor might write that you are insubordinate. I get the impression that the guy was saying these things because he had it happen to him or had some kind of problem. The good thing is that I changed doctors, and no longer have those problems, and my new doctor is actually on my side.

    I am asking because I have an independent medical evaluation coming up, and am trying to put all my records together and want to make sure I don't miss anything important. My doctor said I should definitely take my notes with me, but agreed that asking too many questions really pisses off "those kinds" of doctors. My doctor said that he has had patients who were fined for "obstructing" and some had their cases closed and had to appeal because they pissed off the examiner. He also says I should tape record everything, including phone calls with the insurance adjuster. I wish I started that from the beginning!

    What are your thoughts? Anything else I should consider before preparing for my IME? There is lots of good advice in older posts!


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    Default Re: Preparing for an IME

    This is in what state? Do you have a lawyer?

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