Please read what i have to say before u defer from reading. My girlfriend recently moved with her mom to a town of a pop. of some where near 24, ever since she moved there, she hated it. Every day she is depressed, lethargic, crys and wishes she can move back but her mom wont. Im worrried about her psycological health and what impact it might take on her physical health. She tells me that her grandpa and grandma "neighbors" yell at her for no reason and her mom restricts her from calling me on the phone and stops me from visiting her. She seems to get worse everytime i talk to her. My question is, she is 16, and if she gets her GED is she able to get emancipated? Because if she were to, she would move back and get her old job back as her Boss promised her, and she would be able to support herslef. Is this possible? if not, what options does she have?