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    Default I got my top slashed and seats stolen

    I will try to make this short as possible, but it has been total hell.

    My car recently had her top cut and my seats were stolen out of the car, right in front of my house. Encompass sent out an appraiser to look at my car quote me a price of $5000 for my seats from a junkyard. I am currently on vacation in Florida, and I told them that I have to be home ASAP so I taped up my top til I get home. Anyways, I told him that I didnt want seats from a junkyard and that I would rather have them cut me a check so I can buy elsewhere. He asked me how much I could get the seats for and I said around $1600 or so. He said he would cut me a check for $1600-500 Deductible = $1100. Which is NOT enough to buy the seats. This isnt including the gas, time, and mileage I would be spending driving 2 hours away to pick them up.

    I argued that he should cut me a check for what the seats are worth and NOT what I can get them for. Especially since they are gonna add the deductible to my price. Can I fight this? These seats from honda new are about $10000, which is twice what I am asking. My seats were in great condition. If i were to get into a fender bender and cause $5000 worth of damage but I had a friend who could fix it for $3000; I would expect them to cut me a check for $5000, right?

    Its not exactly like I am trying to come out on top, but I just want what I was entitled to. I have been argueing with my appraiser and adjuster all day. They even pushed the claim through SIU. I called up and talked to an SIU manager and he said that the adjuster thought I might of commited fraud since I was not settling for the $1100. I told him that that was not the case and I have been with them since I was 16 (I am 21) and my family have all been with them. We live in southern illinois and cant even imagine this ever happening up there, but I guess it happens alot down here. The price I gave them was just word of mouth and nothing in writing. I thought about telling them that the guy sold the seats or something. I dont know what to do. Any suggestions? I have Encompass/Allstate by the way.

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    Default Re: I got my top slashed and seats stolen

    They offered you what you content is reasonable replacement value ($1,600) less your deductible ($500), which is what they are contractually required to do. If you want a smaller deductible, you can arrange that for an increase in your premium.

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