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    Exclamation Disabled 18-Year-Old Being Kicked Out

    Here's the situation.

    The person in question is an 18-year-old girl living in the state of Colorado. She has rhuematoid arthritis and is on Medicare. She does not have a job and was told that if she has any form of income she may not be eligable for Medicare (and she cannot afford to pay her medical bills without help).

    She lives with her grandmother, who has legal custody over her, and her mother, who has a mental disability. The father is completely out of the picture.

    Very recently the grandmother announced that she is kicking out the 18-year-old.

    So, a few questions.

    1. Can she legally do this, as the 18-year-old still has another year of high school?

    2. The girl was given a car for her 16th birthday. Is the car legally hers? Can she take it with her, without the grandmother's permission?

    3. What are her insurance options, since she has to get a job?

    4. If she can legally be kicked out, where can she go? She says she cannot stay with friends nor with other family members. Are there any programs that can assist her? She was hoping to go to college, but if she can't get a job, can't pay for her meds, and is living on the streets, as she fears, that won't be a possibility.

    Help would be appreciated ASAP as she is being kicked out very soon.

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    At 18 years of age she has reached age of majority and may come and go as she pleases

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    She's a legal adult, so her grandmother doesn't have a duty to house and support her. If the car is titled exclusively in her name, it's her car to take. She can try to get a job which offers insurance benefits. She can explore whether her county offers emergency housing assistance or other programs to help her.

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