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    Default Forgetting to Sign a Check

    For the record this is the State of Maine.
    I wrote a check to a friend. I looked three days later and noticed the check in my online banking, it had the image but the signature was not mine. I know my friend would not force a signature, she is simply too honest, but I had to ask her anyways if she attempted to do this and she said she would not and I would know she would give the check back.
    My girlfriend and I are joint on this account, someone did a horrible job forcing her signature on the check to which only leads me to believe someone at my friends bank or mine forced that signature on the check.
    I am guessing the bank she has honored the check then in an evening audit caught on to the error and decided no big deal place a signature on there and it can clear my bank.
    I am rather disatisfied because I thought if one puts a signature on a check or legal document that is not theirs, then it is illegal. My bank keeps telling me it was no big deal, the person got their money, but my beef is if there is someone that rude to force signatures, then who is to say they try not changing peoples numbers or dollar amount etc on checks.
    I didn't want a full blown FBI investigation but I wanted someone to be aware that hey if it is illegal for me to put your signature without your consent on your check, then how is it ok for a banker to do it?

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    Default Re: Forgetting to Sign a Check

    Next time you write a check to a friend, endorse it. If you don't endorse it because you don't want your friend to deposit it, ask your friend not to put your name on it. The odds are overwhelming that your friend signed it.

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