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    Default Dad Living in Florida Wants His Son Living in New Jersey To Move In With Him

    SOMEONE HELP US!!!! My husband has been divorced for 12 yrs. His ex-wife has had custody of their two kids since the divorce. Unfortunatley we had to move to Florida to take care of my terminally ill father. We have been here for three years. The two children in NJ have expressed wanting to come live with us. We tried talking to their mom and she said no way!!! The oldest is 18 and supposed to be going to college. She is very unresponsible and comes and goes as she pleases. This is why she does not want to come live with us!!! The youngest is 16 and is very unhappy living with his mom. She is remarried to a jerk and they have kids together and my step kids are basically her personal babysitter without fees!!! His grades are suffering he has attended summer school three yrs in a row. He is truly unhappy. At what age can he make the decision of which parent he lives with? What options do we have?

    Thanks in advance....melis2kids

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    Default Re: Dad living in Florida wants his son living in NJ to come live with him in Florida

    He doesn't! The decision on which parent a child lives with is made in court during a custody hearing. What your husband can do if file for modification of custody (in court with jurisdiction). At that hearing he can state why its in the child's (or children's) best interst to live with other parent. The Mother will have her chance to voice and prove why she feels child is best left in her care. Where the child "may" best questioned its the judge that will decide wha tis in the childs best interest not what he/she wants.

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