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    Default Getting My Fiancée Emancipated

    Please hear me out because advice is crucial.

    I am 19 years old, work pretty steadily, etc. I live with my fiance and her family. I can leave at anytime but I need to figure out a way to get her "emancipated" if it's possible as she is 17 years of age.

    We want to get out as I absolutely refuse to raise a child in the environment of this house. And no we cannot get married yet.

    Let me explain to you the situation as it stands.

    There are 8 people in the house, two people (one of which has schizophrenia and has 27 registered split personalities, is prone to become violent and belligerent at the drop of a hat.) who don't work and rape the system by taking SSI from the government. One who's very aged and in such bad shape she's bedridden. One with throat cancer, another one who lives in a room with 5 cats, and one who, and without exaggeration, hasn't showered in over 3 weeks. The youngest is a 16 year old boy with 4 types of autism who becomes violent. Oh and... finally, me and my fiance.

    In this house there is a violent German shepherd, and three smaller dogs as well as two more violent German shepherds chained poorly to a tree outside . There are also roughly 12-16 cats around the whole property, inside and out.

    The basement is uninhabitable as there are cat feces piled so high literally it is a health risk.

    Sorry you had to read all of that. I really need advice, how can I get here out of this horribly abusive situation legally?

    Thank you in advance.

    -Zachary White

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    Default Re: Getting My Fiancée Emancipated

    Ohio permits emancipation through lawful marriage or active duty military service.

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    Default Re: Getting My Fiancée Emancipated

    If there are children in the home and its an unsafe enviroment then CPS should be called.

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