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How naive can you be. First, this idea of your at-will unemployment simply not a realistic idea. Americans (can't speak for other nations) tend to be a lazy group of people. Not to knock all of them but in a great sense, they are lazy. If you were willing to simply pay a person whenever they want to not work, you would have so many applicants that those left working would never be able to sustain the payments to the leaches.

Now, the at-will unemployment will cause a lot of problems very similar to what communism in the USSR did. To the lower paid classes, there will be no incentive to work. In the USSR it was because they effectively could not be fired so they had no incentive to do a good job. In your utopia, those that are simply not paid enough or did not like their boss one day, or had an arguement with the spouse that morning, would simply quite work as long as they knew they could collect your at-will unemployment. In either case, ther is no dedication to your employment because there is no real incentive to work hard. So, in your world, you will pay them more, but where is this money coming from. Market economics tend to set prices and wages, not the individual employer. Unless the market will allow this increase in wages, we will still have a minimum wage type situation.

Ya, like our current welfare system? Those that know how to play the game do quite well (at least as far as their intent) making our welfare system an at-will situation rather than a need based system.

IT WON'T WORK, Daniel.
Can you cite any research that implies that normal market forces will suddenly cease to exist, if the public sector provides a safety net that complies with the theory of supply and demand?

How are you arriving at your conclusion? Anecdotal evidence from the agricultural sector, implies that forms of "corporate" welfare, for the legal fiction of an individual, have the potential to do the opposite of what you suggest would happen.