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    Default Personnel Negligence Caused Elder Injury during Travel

    10-3-06 * Disabled Mother instructed Rent Car Shuttle of Airline she was departing from. Driver informed her upon arrival at designated terminal & left her curbside w/ 5 pieces of luggage at 6:10am. * Unaware she had been dropped at the wrong terminal; she quickly became lost & disoriented. * After wandering in confusion for 30 min. unable to find any security or airport personnel to help locate handicap access to proper terminal she decided to take escalator * Nearing top of escalator w/ 5 suitcases, she was unable to hold on any longer & fell down rotating escalator below line of site of any person who were not directly looking down or up on to escalator. No help came for several minutes until my Mother started screaming * Injuries soft tissue loss skin caught in escalator teeth, torn hamstring ligaments, transferred via Ambulance to Hospital * Prescribed meds to tolerate travel & subsequent recovery. Airline refused pain meds on flight due to security precautions & required meds packed in checked luggage. Airline then misplaced luggage * Unsure who to contact for meds from a Boston , Dr. she suffered with no meds until luggage located by airline & delivered > days later*My Mother is Elderly & is not up to travelling cross country for legal depositions etc. What type of representation is available that will have the least effect on her and will not cost her anything upfront, only via damages?

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    Default Re: Personnel Negligence Caused Elder Injury during Travel

    I don't think you'll want to hear this, but I don't think you have a case. Falling and suffering injury is not a foreseeable consequence of dropping somebody off at the wrong terminal. Also, it would presumably have been DHS which enforced the security rules, not the airline. What was special about the medication that she couldn't take it in her carry-on?

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