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    Default No Arrest, No Court, but Police Report Taken

    While attending a private college in So Cal, a friend and I were atop a parking structure meeting a few friends. My friends vehicle did not have the proper parking decal for the structure and was give a parking ticket by a private university security guard. My friend and I tried to speak with the guard about the ticket, I called him an a**hole and I got in the passenger seat and my friend drove back down the parking structure very slowly and away from the direction that the guard was. While on our way down public safety for the school was on their way up, apparently the guard called the radio and stated that my friend tried to hit him with the car, which was untrue, and that I (the passenger) had yelled a threat to the effect of "we're going to get you." Both these accusations were untrue. The local police department was called out to take a report and I gave a witness statement to as what happened, as my friend did as well. I recently went down to the local police department to retrieve my criminal record and it stated that I was a witness to an attmepted assault with a vehicle and a suspect to making terrorizing threats. I have no idea what that means, I never went to court, never paid a fine, never was arrested.

    I am now applying for a government public safety position and was wondering if this type of issue would affect my hiring process?
    This event took place over 5 years ago. Can fight the police report given what my police statement said? I also had several witness' submit their signed statements to the university public safety office, the records clerk at the police department stated that there were no supplemental to the report.

    How long do local police departments keep these types of reports that were never filed to the DA and where no further action was taken?
    What should I do and will this affect me?


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    Default Re: No Arrest, No Court, but Police Report Taken

    When you refer to your criminal record, what exactly are you referencing? A police report from this incident?

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    Default Re: No Arrest, No Court, but Police Report Taken

    Quote Quoting Mr. Knowitall
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    When you refer to your criminal record, what exactly are you referencing? A police report from this incident?
    Yes, a police report from the incident, does it or will it appear on my crimial record? I was contacted by the local police department to give my statement of what took place and that is all, I was NOT arrested, NEVER contacted by anyone in regards to the incident, and was NEVER charged with anything. However, my name shows up as a witness/suspect on the report. So my question is does this show up or will this incindent show up on any of my records? I do not have a criminal past or history, and am bit paranoid in regards to this incident.

    When applying for a police officer position should I disclose this information or not given no action was ever taken?

    Also, are the records destroyed after a number of yeras given no aciton or charges are filed in regards to the report?

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: No Arrest, No Court, but Police Report Taken

    The answer is: disclose, disclose, disclose.

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