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    Default Illinois Teen Needs Emancipation Advice

    My father works in New Orleans, and my mother and I are back in Illinois. (They are still together) I am 16 years old. I am female. I am a performer, i make 30-50 dollars an hour, and I average two jobs a week that pay at least 100 dollars. I have a constant performing job that pays 80 dollars a week. My mother refuses to let me get an "actual" job. Living under my mothers roof is not going to be acceptable for me much longer. Every day i undergo such emotional and verbal abuse that i highly doubt the further endurance of this will cause me to literally go crazy, or need to seek professional help. I am 5'5 and am 117 pounds, underweight, but naturally underweight. She constantly is trying to convince me of how fat I am, how ugly i am, and how I am just a horrible human being. I cannot stress how sufficiently retarded my mother is in areas of parenting and communicating in general. She is ignorant to the needs of anyone but herself. I currently have no food in the house, because she says we have no money for groceries, but yet, yesterday she went out and ate about 50 dollars worth of sushi, but i dont have any bread or fruit to eat for lunch, so i often go hungry till she stops by a mcdonalds for a healthy meal once a day, because we dont have enough money. Things of this nature are so common in my house that it is pathetic. I believe I have proven myself mature, living away from home for 4-5 months, volunteering 500 hours of my time a year to community service, and having the title of pre-teen illinois 2004 traveling across the country representing our state. I have a 3.7 gpa. If i was emancipate I already have consent from my friend and his parents parent to allow me to live with them for a small, easily payable fee. I would like to know anyones thought, feelings, suggestions on the matter, and how i would go about getting an emancipation, if one could be granted in this situation.

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    Default Re: Teen In Illinois Needs Emancipation Advice

    The Illinois statutes governing emancipation provide in part,

    Quoting Illinois Emancipation Law

    Sec. 7. Petition.

    The petition for emancipation shall be verified and shall set forth: (1) the age of the minor; (2) that the minor is a resident of Illinois at the time of the filing of the petition, or owns real estate in Illinois, or has an interest or is a party in any case pending in Illinois; (3) the cause for which the minor seeks to obtain partial or complete emancipation; (4) the names of the minor's parents, and the address, if living; (5) the names and addresses of any guardians or custodians appointed for the minor; (6) that the minor is (i) a mature minor who has demonstrated the ability and capacity to manage his own affairs or (ii) a homeless minor who is located in this State; and (7) that the minor has lived wholly or partially independent of his parents or guardian. If the minor seeks emancipation as a homeless minor, the petition shall also set forth the name of the youth transitional housing program that is willing and able to provide services and shelter or housing to the minor, the address of the program, and the name and phone number of the contact person at the program. The petition shall also briefly assert the reason that the services and shelter or housing to be offered are appropriate and necessary for the well‑being of the homeless minor.

    * * *

    Sec. 9. Hearing on petition.

    (a) Mature minor. Before proceeding to a hearing on the petition for emancipation of a mature minor the court shall advise all persons present of the nature of the proceedings, and their rights and responsibilities if an order of emancipation should be entered.

    If, after the hearing, the court determines that the minor is a mature minor who is of sound mind and has the capacity and maturity to manage his own affairs including his finances, and that the best interests of the minor and his family will be promoted by declaring the minor an emancipated minor, the court shall enter a finding that the minor is an emancipated minor within the meaning of this Act, or that the mature minor is partially emancipated with such limitations as the court by order deems appropriate. No order of complete or partial emancipation may be entered under this Act if there is any objection by the minor, his parents or guardian.

    (b) Homeless minor. Upon the verified petition of a homeless minor, the court shall immediately grant partial emancipation for the sole purpose of allowing the homeless minor to consent to the receipt of services and shelter or housing provided by the youth transitional housing program named in the petition and to other services that the youth transitional housing program may arrange by referral. The court may require that a youth transitional housing program employee appear before the court at the time of the filing of the petition and may inquire into the facts asserted in the petition. No other hearing shall be scheduled in the case of a petition affecting a homeless minor, unless, after notice, a parent or guardian requests such a hearing. If such a hearing is requested, then the homeless minor must be present at the hearing. After the granting of partial emancipation to a homeless youth, if the youth transitional housing program determines that its facility and services are no longer appropriate for the minor or that another program is more appropriate for the minor, the program shall notify the court and the court, after a hearing, may modify its order.

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