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    Default Breaking a Lease in Georgia

    Due to differences in life style, conflicts with pets and money issues I strongly desire to terminate our 1 year lease that I signed with another person and move out. This person refuses to move out and will attempt to pursue me legally for future rents and any other expenses she can get.

    We are currently in our 3rd month. Roommate has placed an ad in and in craigslist.

    I believe she has no real intentions of getting another roommate. Can she sue me for the remaining months and just sit back and enjoy if I move out? Is there any limit on the number of months I have to pay? This is in GA

    How much effort does she have to make to find another ? Also what if Landlord refuses other person. Lease states cannot sublet without permission.


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    Default Re: Help with breaking lease please GA

    Why don't you look for a replacement roommate, as well? She has to make a "reasonable effort" to find a new roommate, assuming she is permitted to do so by the landlord. If the landlord refuses to permit a new roommate, you could be on the hook for your share of the rent for the duration of the lease. If the landlord is acting in an arbitrary manner, though, I suspect that his blocking a new roommate would be a violation of his own duties under the lease.

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