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    Default FiancÚ's Income in Bankruptcy

    I have all the forms I need in order to file for bankruptcy in Michigan. I am wondering where my fiance's income comes into effect, if at all. We live together, so he helps pay the bills. We have a child together, although he does not pay child support. Regardless of his income, I am way below the guidelines for the means test. I dont want to seem that I am hiding income, so if there is a place for his income I would apprciate if someone could tell me where to put it. Thanks so much for all the help. Oh, also I have student loans ( I know they will not be discharged) but am wondering if I need to state somewhere what those loans are (they are still in deferment.) Thanks again.

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    Default Re: FiancÚ's Income in Bankruptcy

    Your fiancÚ's income should not have any relevance to your bankruptcy.

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