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    Default Towing Company Won't Release my Car

    My car, a 96 Ford Explorer has been impounded at Starbucks Towing in Bellevue, WA since November 5th.
    I've been trying to retrieve that car again and again since Nov. 6th, but they just refuse to release it. I have the title and the bill of sale from the registered owner, and according to the law; RCW 46.55.120: that should be more than enough to release my property. The tow company says they won't release it till I've regiestered in my name, but I don't have enough to pay that amount AND the fees to release it at the same time.

    I visited the State Liscencing office in Seattle on December 5th, and they informed me that I would have to pay a $100 penalty for late registration, but otherwise should be able to retrieve my car.
    The clerk there called the tow company and informed them of the law, but they still refused to release it. The clerk escalated the matter to a superior in Olympia who talked to the folks at Starbucks and they said they told him that they would release it, but when I called them 10 minutes later to arrange the pickup, and was told they still would not release my property and that I shouldn't bother coming.

    Despite the fact that they are the one's refusing to release the car, They say that the storage fees, $31 are now over $1,000.
    I don't think that I should have to pay storage, since by law, they should have released my property when I showed up on Nov. 6.
    Could someone please let me know how I can resolve this issue and get my property, I paid $9,000 for this vehichle, and the tow company seems really eager to sell it?
    Thank You,

    Leonardo Harrell

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    Default Litigate?

    If the towing company won't follow the law, you may have to file a lawsuit. Check with your local court to see if they offer a brochure on filing a small claims action.

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