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    Post Trying To Stop Harassing Emails

    In February I went to court to get my ex husbands wife to stop sending me harassing emails (among other things, a long a complicated story).

    The only way I was able to do this was through a clause in my very recent divorce decree of third party harrassment (which I intentionally had added for this...I knew she wouldn't stop).....this was an actual Contempt of Court Hearing against him......

    "They" (my ex and his wife") of course trumpted up false charges against me and filed theird own contempt charges against me.

    Needless to say, when the judge read the emails, he was appalled, through both Comtempt charges out and place the following in an order against her.....

    "Genie Shook is on formal notification that she is not to initiate any contact with the Petitioner. If she does initiate contact she may be subject to prosecution or a stalking order."

    Since then there have been no more emails, but she has gone online to places like MySpace and created fake profiles and "stalks" online "spying" and "prying" going as far as to make posts about me or email my friends. When I find out, I report her and she is deleted by the service. I copy what I can and save it.

    The final straw came yesterday at the gym I workout at (she also goes there). I found out that she filed a formal complaint against one of the emloyees claiming she felt "threatened" because the employee talks to both my boyfriend and I at the gym and outside the gym at bench press competitions.

    About a week ago I had approached the gym staff and asked them not to divuldge any personal information about us because of the court order I had against her and she had recently posted a threat on one of her "fake profiles" that she was videotaping me at the gym and was going to turn me in for Social Security fraud (I am on Social Security Disabilty for an autoimmune illness).

    After I found this out I immediately went to the manager at the gym with a copy of the court document in hand and talked to him. We see this employee at the bench competitions and say hi and of course see her at the gym, but outside that.....the manager was very glad for the information and was going to pass it on the District Manager where the complaint was filed, however, evidently, not followed through. He thanked me and now has it on file. He felt sorry for me to have to go through this.

    This woman has had me videotaped before....during my divorce proceeding....for whatever reason.....she is not well......

    This woman needs to be stopped. She cannot attack people on a whim. She has made sure that my daughter (step daughter, who her own dad cut off) who worked for her is not able to get a full time job. She is still working for a temporary agency a year and half later.....we have an email that she sent her actually threatening her temporary job!!!!!!

    What should I do.....I have no money to proceed with this iffy situation......she has alot of money......her words during the divorce were she wanted to drive me crazy and see me penniless........

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    Default Re: Not Sure Of Next Step in Oregon?

    I would ignore these people and stay away from them.

    That should improve the situation.

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    Default Re: Not Sure Of Next Step in Oregon?

    Unfortunately, staying away and ignoring has not worked. She continues to escalting to people that I simply talk to. They live in the same town. This is unacceptable..

    What good it the order if I can't do anything with it?????

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    Default Re: Not Sure Of Next Step in Oregon?

    If this person is violating the court's order, consider initiating contempt proceedings with the court.

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    Unhappy Re: Trying To Stop Harassing Emails

    Once again, unfortunately, due to her being a "sociopath" and having done this before, she is highly "skilled" and seems to know how to stay just under the radar, ie.....filing the report against the employee of my gym regarding talking to me.....I am only able to do damage control to show she it truly a nutcase by showing my legal papers....

    The police are aware of her and her antics and say the same thing....ironically one of her four previous husbands (my ex is #5) is a police officer.

    I will continue not to respond to her craziness, but she does scare me.

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    Default Re: Trying To Stop Harassing Emails

    This woman has done everything she can to badmouth me because I have a successful career. She is my husbands ex wife and collects social security for being mentally ill. She is a poor pathetic female that is intimidated by women who are successful. This woman chases me from every social site she can and here 3 years later and she still chases me. I have never had a restraining order from any judge Period. My husband and her both were told to stay away from each other. She is a drama queen because that is all she has which is nothing except collecting social security and then running "Photo Promotions" illegally while collecting money from the government. She is to be pitiful and should be considered dangerous and unstable. If anyone would hire her company to take pictures..Beware she is being investigated for fraudalent dealings with her company. Her bankruptcy on this company was ongoing still in 2005 and she is still being watching by federal investigators...Beware

    See Below..This woman is very unstable. Beware she is under investigation.

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    Default Re: Trying To Stop Harassing Emails

    I am not a lawyer, but I have had to deal with "cyber" harrasment in my situation, and was told by my attorney that a posting has to basically out you by name (I'm going to kill (YOUR NAME)! as an example). The person I dealt with would post very vague things on their websites, but never mentioned me by name. The way you have to look at it is that if anyone was to read the postings...and didn't know your situation...would they be able to determine it was you being threatened/slandered, etc. Now if she is sending you emails directly (which I didn't read from your post), and those emails contain threats or are harrassing in nature (i.e., name calling), then you may be able to get a restraining order against the person. If this person is "stalking" you, as you say, then that is also another cause to get a restraining order. The thing I would recommend you do is go to your local police department (like we did) and talk with an officer, who can objectively look at what's going on and determine if a crime is being committed.

    and it probably wasn't the best move to post the person's name on here.

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