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    Default Life Estate Property Sale

    My g-father "donated" his property to a religious organizaition and used a quit claim deed to provide a life estate for him, my g-mother and my mother. Both my grandparents are now past away and my mother still lives in the home.

    We were appoached by a nieghbor that had informed us that he was now the new land owner and wanted to speak with my mother. Apparently the religious organization had sold him the land and he wanted to discuss it with my mother.

    I have many questions .. But my main concern is can the religious organization sell property that has a life estate attached to it and what rights does the new land owner have.

    Many thanks for your help in this matter ... all the reseach I have done does not speak about the sell of the land before the termination of the life estate.


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    Sure, they can sell the porperty and your mother can sell the life estate. None of the rights have changed, just the parties.

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