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    Default Charges Reported To Other Potential Employers, Despite Dismissal


    Ok My Story Starts Out Back In 2003, I Was 17 And A Junior Firefighter With A Fire Company Where I Live, There Were 4 Members Of The Company Accused Of Making False Alarms Just To Go On Calls, I Was Charged With Arson, Making False Alarm Calls, And Depositing Oil On A Roadway, All Of Which Were Dismissed By A Judge, Being That I Was Charged With These Crimes, I Was Kicked Out Of The Fire Department, And The Fire Department Then Decided To Call Around To The Other Company's In The County And Tell Them The Specifics Of What Happened, Including All Of Our Names, And What They Believe Happened. All My Charges Were Dismissed By A Judge, But The Other Three Spent Time On Probation. Two Of Those That Spent Time On Probation Are Back At The Company Now. I Went To Rejoin That Fire Company, And Was Instructed That I Needed To Go Before The Review Board To Explain What Happened In 2003, I Explained That I Was Charged But Was Never Convicted Of Any Crimes. After That I Was Denied Membership Because The Believe I Was Convicted. I Have An Order Signed By The Judge Dismissing The Case Against Me. I Went To Join Another Company Shortly There After And Was Denied Because Of Information They Received From The Fire Company I Tried To Rejoin Stating That I Was Convicted Of Crimes. I'm No Expert On The Law But Isn't There Laws Against Revealing Information Pertaining To A Minor Being Charged With A Crime, And By Giving Out Information Regarding A Minor That There Committing A Crime As Well? And Also By Them Going Around And Telling Every Other Fire Company That Ive Been Convicted Of Crimes I Was Never Convicted Of Do I Have A Case For Defamation, Slander, Or Lible

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    Default Re: Charges Reported To Other Potential Employers, Despite Dismissal

    Did you have union representation?

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    Default Re: Charges Reported To Other Potential Employers, Despite Dismissal

    Despite what far too many people believe, there is no law that prohibits an employer from giving out information about an employee to prospective employers.

    However, that information must either be true, or there must be a good faith belief that the information is true. Consult local counsel.

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