I'm writing this email in hopes of gaining a legal perspective of my complaint. On July 17th, approximately between 12:40-1:30pm the following incident took place. I entered the Anthropologie store located on Boylston Street in Boston. I shopped and entered the dressing room located on the second floor on two occasions. I proceeded to the first floor register to pay for my item. Saw there was a small line, decided to ask a sales clerk to place my item on hold till I return that afternoon.

As I turned to exit the store, she stopped me and made the following statement. "Do you have anything else with you that you want to leave with me?" I responded no. She asked me again. I understood then what she was implying. I was furious and shaken. She then told me that some clothing tags were found in the dressing room after I left. I told her that it has nothing to do with me so why was she talking to me about it? I didn't see the tags when I entered the dressing room, and I didn't see them when I left. She attempted to convince me that I needed to go back up to the dressing room and "figure out" what happened to the clothes that were missing those price tags.

I refused and asked if she was illegally detaining me. If she wants, I'll consent to a complete search, even a strip search if she so desired. She looked relieved and agreed. I asked her to call the police. I told her that only in the presence of a police officer that has documented her accusation will I consent to the search. I have nothing to hid. If she wants to accuse me of something, do it properly. She at this time lowered her voice and said "we will not prosecute if the clothes are returned." I asked her if she was illegally detaining me, if she was, call the police immediately or let me go back to work. She threw up her hands and exclaimed, "You can do whatever you want!" I left the store in tears.

I returned to work very upset. Was there justice to what was done to me? I have no actual proof, but I felt I was the victim of discrimination and harassment. Even though I work full time, I still look and dress like a college freshman maybe even a highschool student. I felt extremely harassed and will never be able to shop in that store again. Please advice on what my next steps should be. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.