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    Default Do I Have Any Choices Regarding Light Duty


    I'm in the food service/preparation industry and suffered repetitive stress injury to my hands. I was put on light duty while the doctor monitored my treatment including hand occupational therapy.

    I recovered to the point where I could return to my normal duty with a few minor restrictions while continuing to see the doctor.

    So far, worker's comp has covered everything with no discussion or problem.

    After a few days of normal work the pain increased back to the point where it has become a real problem.

    At this point, I'd be happy if they gave me a lump sum settlement for partial disability and let me find another job with a better ergonomic layout.

    At my next appointment, I suspect the doctor will put me back on light duty.

    The problem is: light duty consists of sitting in a corner answering the telephone. I don't know that I can do that again for 8 hours a day without going bonkers. Unfortunately, during normal work, each person on staff has to take a one-hour turn at the phone. A light-duty person relieves everyone else of that chore.

    Do I have any choices in this matter?

    Can I ask to be put on unpaid sick-leave to avoid the phone duty?

    What happens if I quit? Does workers comp still pay for the doctor and therapy?

    What other issues should I be thinking about?


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    Default Re: Do I Have Any Choices Regarding Light Duty

    If you decline light duty work, you can lose both your job and your eligibility for wage loss benefits. If you quit to take a different job, you may be eligible for partial wage loss benefits if you lose income. If you quit to sit at home you can expect that you will not get either comp benefits for lost wages or unemployment benefits. Your medical benefits should continue.

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