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    Default DUI Trouble

    I live in Overland Park, Kansas. I got a speeding ticket going 44 in a 25 zone in one city. than a ticket for wreckless driving in another city. and a dui under drugs not alcohol in another city in less than a week. I need major help on what to do. I got the speeding ticket and wreckless out of the way, but im so afaird of my license being suspended cause i work a lot and need to get to school. Does anyone know how it goes from there? Can i apply for a hardship or what? plz reply with questions or answers. ( i blacked out while driving and hit a pole. I was sucking in Dust off- thats how i got the dui)

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    Default Kansas DUI Penalties

    You can review the penalties for Kansas DUI offenses, including periods of suspension and restriction, on the Kansas Department of Transportation website.

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