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    Default Uninsured Motorist Hit My Car

    An uninsured motorist hit my car today. The driver was only about 16 or 17 and had 3 other teenagers in the vehicle with him. It did a considerable amount of damage. The passenger side mirror was knocked completely off and the fiber glass in the passener side door of my 2001 Camaro was busted. My door will have to be replaced. The car was parked in a parking space at a convience store. The uninsured was parked next to my car and instead of backing straight out of the parking space, he turned his wheel and swiped the side of my car with his grill guard. The officer working the accident was of no help only telling us that his license could be suspended and that we could pick up an accident report one day next week.
    How should I go about handling this? It is not fair for us to have to file on our insurance b/c the boy was uninsured, but the accident depreciated the value of my car by at least a 1/4 of what it is worth. Do I file a civil claim? Will he lose his license? What will happen now?

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    Default Uninsured Motorist (a minor)

    It seems unlikely that, if the driver was 16 or 17, the car was titled to the driver. Is it possible that there is an adult owner, who might be reached under principles of negligent entrustment or owner liability?

    If the minor was criminally charged, you may be able to make a claim for restitution through the court. (The prosecutor's office may be able to inform you of any right to claim restitution.)

    Apparently, you can sue for up to $7,500 in Colorado small claims court. Instructions and forms can be downloaded here.

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