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I disagree with you. I think our first world, socialist economy can afford to better comply with the theory of supply and demand; for the public good, and could be considered a form of infrastructure development (human capital).

I agree with you that any employer, in an at-will employment state, should be able to create and dissolve private social contract (that may result in employment) in a manner consistent with the 9A.

How does your scenario solve for frictional unemployment and :"natural" unemployment rates?
My scenario is my opinion. Nothing else. I just don't think that someone should get paid to do nothing (especially if it is through a choice of their own). If you want to work, you will find a way to work. If you don't want to work you will find a bunch of excuses to keep from working. Like I said, this is strictly my opinion. I am entitled to it. I respect your point of view but I don't (and won't) share it.